"Jennifer is a life-changer! I first used her to help me organize my kitchen, and since then she has helped me organize almost all the rooms and closets in my house. She can help you think through your space and teach you how to organize, help you pick out storage for your spaces, or just do it for you! She is very affordable and is mindful to makes every second count, so her service is always worth every penny. She even brings her own label maker! The best part is that at the end of your time she takes all the things you don't want anymore with her to donate - bags for Goodwill, extra hangers, old books.... You are left with nothing to clean up! She is a gem of a person and easy to work with!"

—Megan B., Anchorage, KY

"Jennifer came to help me organize my kitchen after our remodel and all I can say is wow! The thoughtful placement of everything makes my time in the kitchen more streamlined and pleasant and now everyone in our household knows where everything goes. I am very pleased with her work and recommend her services to anyone looking to create a more organized space."

—Maggi Donnell, Anchorage, KY

"Deciding to invite a professional organizer into your home or business can feel very intimidating. You might be thinking, 'Is she going to judge me? I know where everything is, I just don’t have time to go through it all.' Rest assured that when you invite Jennifer Barber to help you “cut the chaos”, she meets you where you are. She comes in, helps you assess the situation, comes up with a gameplan, and gets right to work! When I refer my clients to Jennifer, I know they’re in good hands. As a small business owner, we feel like we can do anything. But at the end of the day, there are still things left on the to-do list. And some of that isn't likely to get done tomorrow either. Jennifer Barber comes in and gets those items done so you can do what matters most to move your business forward."

—Kristi Kunaschk, Sales Manager Cardinal Closets

She’s amazing! She guided me to practical placement of things, removed unnecessary items that made sense to me. It felt good working WITH her, working through the best functionality for my family and I. She set us up for success with plans for maintaining the results in the future. I’m excited to use my kitchen now! What stood out was her focus on feasibility. It’s not just for show it is actually capable of staying organized! She’s someone who listened to my concerns and customized my family’s needs for the heart of the home. She’s laid back and made me feel comfortable. She made it fun! Do yourself a favor and call her!

—Brittny Ford

"I contracted Jennifer to assist with marketing projects. I highly recommend her because I found her to be resourceful, experienced, reliable and task-oriented. She is self-motivated, professional, and worked well with my team. I appreciated her problem-solving and willingness to be flexible with a variety of projects I needed her to complete.”

David J.

I have to say Jennifer Barber works me to death!! LOL. When she comes we get more done in 4 hours than I do on my own in a month. She helped me set up so many things and to get my office, quickbooks, website, files, all organized. As an example on my new national rental website I got one of the letters we imbedded in the automatic mechanism of the website and I didn't remember we did that or what it said and I thought: “ OMG these people are using my website to show me what they can do to get me as a client”. Then I remembered it was Jennifer and it was already mine. I’m really not that spacey but she gets so much done in such a short period of time that you cant even remember it. She’s funny, happy, she has really great energy and high integrity. You can trust her with your books and anything else. She is a top notch professional and I can only say glowing things about her. If you hire her, watch out, you’ll be turbo charged!! I’m so grateful to know her, you will be too."

—Kathleen Y.

"Working with Jennifer on our major clean-out project has been a lifesaver. We've been putting off this particular project for more than five years because it's a daunting task and we didn't know where to begin. We showed Jennifer around our home so she could get a feel for the scope of the work and she never batted an eye! She immediately gave us a timeline and we scheduled times to meet. On the first day we worked with Jennifer I knew we made the right decision in hiring her. She took the bull by the horns and knew exactly what needed to be done and in what order. She's the hardest worker I've ever met and keeps us on-task. Though our project is on-going, I feel confident we'll make it to the finish line with flying colors. Couldn't do this without her. Most certainly will hire her again."

—Heather McClure

"Jennifer is a MACHINE! She showed up exactly on time with boxes and mounds of packing materials. In 4 short hours she packed a labor-intensive china hutch, kitchen cabinets, buffet of delicate wine glasses, and even carried boxes to storage. She is definitely worth every penny!"

—Susan M.

“I refer to Jennifer as the ‘organizer’s organizer’. She has a way of knowing what is getting in the way of progress, and removing it!”


Jennifer has a better work ethic than anyone I’ve ever hired. The people that I hired for other tasks at the same time even noticed that they were getting outworked. Jennifer is trustworthy, punctual, and worth far more than what she charges. You should be so lucky to have her considerate work.

—Keeley Voor

"I found my new hero! Jennifer Barber is a Professional Organizer and my hero. We needed to empty our entire first floor this week so our hardwood floors can be refinished next week. Gulp! While packing and looking for moving boxes on Nextdoor, I found Jennifer. She came by today – WITH BOXES – and helped me pack and label 4 rooms. Wow. Just…wow. I’m now sitting on the couch watching the World Series, instead of spinning in circles wondering where to start. If you are looking for help packing, unpacking, decluttering, or organizing, do yourself a favor and call Jennifer.

—Suzy H.

"Jennifer — so glad I found you!!”


"You have no idea how much clearer my head is after working with Jennifer. Seriously, I can't thank her enough!!!! I will be recommending Jennifer to all of my clients.”